2oz. Loose Tea: Energize Me 2oz. Loose Tea: Mocha Nut Matè
2oz. Loose Tea: Energize Me2oz. Loose Tea: Mocha Nut Matè
This eye opening combination of yerba mate, black tea, herbs and spice is a natural way to help energize you throughout the day!Brazilian toasted matè with a mellow chicory note, enhanced with indulgent flavors of chocolate and hazelnut. A perfect substitute for your morning coffee! Ingredients: Toasted matè tea. Dark choc chips, chocolate flavor, hazelnut flavor, marigold flower petals



2oz. Loose Tea: Spiced Matè 2oz. Loose Tea: Yerba Maté
2oz. Loose Tea: Spiced Matè2oz. Loose Tea: Yerba Maté
Brazilian toasted mate blended with spices and citrus peels to add a little zest to an energizing brew. A wonderful way to warm you up! Ingredients: Toasted matè tea, cinnamon bark, chai flavor, orange peels,ginger root

Yerba Maté is an indigenous herb of the Amazon and popular throughout Latin America for its robust flavor.