Nomads Hemp Wear Shaman Tee

Nomads Hemp Wear Shaman Tee
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Strong clothing medicine in the form of a loose drop-shoulder bamboo tee doused with an original dream catcher print. Doubled wide waistband is cinched. Upside down batwing sleeves with cinched sleeves and copper beads on the ties. Just add your spirit animal.

Every season we try to incorporate some original art in the form of a print. This season we couldn’t resist this ethereal feather -dream catcher inspired print, and thought it was the perfect match for our looser fitting batwing bamboo tee. This season we snazzed up the ends of our ties with either a metal fitted traditional lace end like in the Rhythm Leggings, or with little brass beads like you see here. Print is front side only. Wisdom is on the inside.

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