Teas to Help You Sleep

2oz. Loose Tea: Valerian Dream 2oz. Loose Tea: Fidnemed Nighttime Tea
2oz. Loose Tea: Valerian Dream2oz. Loose Tea: Fidnemed Nighttime Tea

Reset & unwind after a long day with this blend of calming botanicals & aromatic flowers designed to soothe the mind & body. A wonderfully balanced, intriguing flavor complements the relaxing nature of this tea. Contain Organic:...

Relax, and enjoy some of this full flavored infusion blend after a hectic day.



2oz. Loose Tea: Lights Out 2oz. Loose Tea: Nighttime Stress Buster
2oz. Loose Tea: Lights Out2oz. Loose Tea: Nighttime Stress Buster
A blend specially formulated with organic botanicals to help unwind and find peace of mind. Invite your soul to relax as you relax and drift away with this infusion. Naturally sweetened with licorice root, softened with lavender, chamomile and...Nurture health and wellness by soothing your senses with this naturally calming blend of aromatic herbs, full of antioxidants and healthy minerals. Valerian root promotes rest and relaxation. While herbs, fruit and flower deliver dreamy...



2oz. Loose Tea: Evening Repose 2oz. Loose Tea: Organic Relaxation
2oz. Loose Tea: Evening Repose 2oz. Loose Tea: Organic Relaxation

Used for evening rest and relaxation. A beautiful infusion blend with a robust flavor of flowers and mint. Gentle and refreshing with a smotth minty balance. Contains Organic: Chamomile flowers, Pepperming leaf, Spearmint leaf, Lavender flowers,...

Reformulated with 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients this soothing brew will help bring about restful relaxation and a restorative nights sleep.



2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Dreams 2oz. Loose Tea: Dream
2oz. Loose Tea: Sweet Dreams2oz. Loose Tea: Dream

That's right, it's no secret. This brew will mysteriously lull you into a deep, relaxing slumber. A complex cast of ingredients that won't double-cross your sensibilities. A few sips & you'll quietly drift into the realm of Sweet Dreams....

Dream Tea is especially blended for the dreamer, stimulating vivid and easily recalled dreams. A light, minty yet, rich flavor. Contains Organic: Peppermint leaf, Chamomile flower, Gotu Kola, Mugwort, Damiana leaf, Rosemary, Rose petals, and Stevia. Certified Organic



2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomint 2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Lavender
2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomint2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Lavender

Ingredients-Chamomile and peppermint leaves. Caffeine Free 1 oz.

A trip to the spa in a cup, this soothing blend of aromatic Lavender and calming Chamomile will help to melt away the day. Naturally caffeine free. 1st Place Winner of 2008 World Tea Championship. Ingredients: Organic whole chamomile flowers and organic lavender flowers.



2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Tisane Organic 2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile
2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile Tisane Organic2oz. Loose Tea: Chamomile

A relaxing, tasty evening drink, this tea gently soothes irritated nerve endings & eases away tension. 

Contains Organic: Chamomile, lemon balm, Hawthorne berries, leaves, flowers & skullcap. 

Using the finest chamomile flowers from the Nile Rive Valley in Egypt. Considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern favorite to promote calm & relieve anxiety. These fragrant chamomile blossoms...