Abeego Snack Food Storage

Abeego Snack Food Storage
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Abeego Snack is based on a cleaver design that is perfect for vegetables, nuts, fruit, granola and more. The fluid and air resistant beeswax coating keeps food fresh and delicious. This sustainable package holds approximately a ¾ cup snack serving, and is designed to lay flat for easy cleaning. Your snack is now stylish and fun. A little love will ensure a lasting relationship with your Abeego. With proper care you can expect your Abeego to last over a year. Inspired by nature, with the belief that natural materials, are ideal for keeping real food fresh!Abeego’s are made from a blend of pure ingredients, like hemp, cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. All of which are known for their preservative properties.
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