Buddha Board Mini

Buddha Board Mini
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These innovative and unique boards provide you with a Zen-like painting experience unlike any other! Buddha Boards feature a revolutionary surface that allows you to paint on it with just water, leaving fluid, expressive dark strokes that fade away slowly, leaving you with a clean blank slate once again. Great for practicing brush strokes, testing paintbrushes, and creating spontaneous temporary artworks, Buddha Boards encourage you to focus on the present and the enjoyment of creation. Available in two different styles, each Buddha Board comes with a Sumi brush and self-contained water reservoir. Live and paint in the moment with revolutionary new Buddha Boards!

These pocket sized, 5x5" square boards make excellent gifts, and come with 10 themed decorative stickers, a small paintbrush, and a slim black envelope case. The board folds backwards to become its own mini easel stand.

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