Chakra Incense - Solar Plexus

Chakra Incense - Solar Plexus
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  • Packages contain 10 sticks, each 10” long.
  • Incense artisans blend their mixtures by hand, using all natural resins, woods, oils, gums, flowers and herbs.
  • The artisans use lavender, Davana leaves, jasmine, fennel, Champa flowers, sandalwood and geranium to address solar plexus chakra issues.
  • Unbalanced solar plexus chakra leads to an inability to know what you can accomplish; you feel weak and may experience arthritis, hepatitis, diabetes, or gastro/intestinal problems.
  • When this chakra (your seat of power) is balanced, you feel comfortable with yourself and confident, truly connected to the universe and your unique place in it.
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