Chantal Electric Teakettle Onyx

Chantal Electric Teakettle Onyx
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Chantal Ekettle 52 oz. Electric Tea Kettle in Onyx Black Overview:

Chantal has been one of the leading manufacturers of stovetop tea kettles for the last 30 years. Now, Chantal s ready to make the jump into the electric kettle market with the release of its Ekettle. Unlike most electric tea kettles, Chantal's Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle in Onyx Black comes with a stovetop tea kettle look and feel. Chantal has incorperated the stovetop kettle design to give the electric kettle the same look and feel that you've come to love with the rest of the Chantal brand. Chantal's Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle in Onyx Black will boil your water faster then a microwave. Since no stove is needed for the Chantal Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle, it is great for travel. 

Ekettle Electric Tea Kettle in Onyx Black by Chantal Features:

  • Boils water fast then a microwave.
  • Perfect for small spaces.
  • No stove needed.
  • Premium auto shut-off that prevents hazards.
  • Convenient On/Off switch.
  • 52 oz. capacity.
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