Couple Stone

Couple Stone
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Shona Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe using serpentine stone. Serpentine stone varies in hardness as well as having a huge range of color variations. The artists chip, chisel, sand and then wet-sand each piece. Then they place the piece around, or in some cases, in a fire. They finish by putting floor polish on the heated piece, which sinks into the piece and brings out the natural colors of the stone and makes it shiny. They finish each piece with a good buffing.  

Because each statue is sold with Fair Trade standards it provides opportunities to make real differences in the lives of the artists aboard. Most of the artists use the money for basic necessities like food for their families and school fees for children. Every dollar makes an impact: in a country like Zimbabwe, where unemployment is so high, it typically take only one person with a job to provide for an entire extended family.  

Couple Stone is approximately 10-12" tall  

Color in each statue varies  

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