Dream Bracelet – Leather Wrap Bracelet Wakami

Dream Bracelet – Leather Wrap Bracelet Wakami
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This leather wrap bracelet was inspired by a dream that we share with the rural communities we work with. The dream is that all communities have houses with windows… that from all windows a garden is seen…in the gardens there is a ball…the ball belongs to boys and girls that go to school…all schools have PTA’s and parents who work…all those who work may reach markets, and that markets multiply the houses with windows…The dream continues that in these new windows, birds and trees are multiplied so the sky may be blue and the sun bright for everyone! This basic, yet universal dream, inspires us, especially since we are seeing this dream come true in these rural communities. 28 inches in length bracelet wraps 4 times around waxed polyester thread and leather silver coated brass beads Zamak metal button Handmade in Guatemala.

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