Good Earth Princess - Brunette

Good Earth Princess - Brunette
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From the Good Earth Forest, comes the enchanted Fairy Princess. She wears a crown of jewels, has wings of a magical fairy, and has a cute purple dress. This whimsical companion will be the best friend for any little girl as they host royal tea parties with her and her fairy friends. This lovable doll is made with natural cotton and recycled fiber filling and comes perfectly packaged in a reusable recycled cardboard gift box.

  • My Natural offers a variety of safe, cuddly characters. Each with a different mood and personality, she will inspire love, creativity, and instill appreciation for the Earth.
  • Unprocessed cotton fibers are used to craft our lovable playthings. Low Eco impact dyes create a wonderful soft color palette, inspired by the dreamy hues of fairytales.
  • The classic design will stimulate your child's imagination and be a treasured friend
  • No harmful chemical dyes or toxins next to your skin. Non-Irritant to sensitive or young skin
  • Supports Sustainability with Natural Cotton Fabric & Recycled Fiber Stuffing
  • 1 month - 8 years. 
  • Doll is 12" long. 
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