Henna Tattoos Body Painting Kit

Henna Tattoos Body Painting Kit
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The ingredients are henna powder, water, glycerin, black walnut extract, benzyl alcohol, sugar, sorbitol, citric acid, eucalyptus oil, disodium EDTA and lactic acid. The whole kit comes in a lovely box showing one of the designs on the palm of a woman’s hand. If you do not use all of the henna solution in one sitting, all you have to do is refrigerate it and it will last four weeks. Keep all your henna supplies in the cloth bag that is also supplied in the box. They thought of everything so that all you have to do is have fun…and get creative.

The kit contains henna powder that you mix in a plastic cone bag (provided) with a premixed mixing solution. Once the henna is thoroughly mixed with the solution, you squeeze the mixture into the provided bottle with the application tip and you are ready to go! Q-tips, toothpicks, directions and tips are also provided so that you can keep your henna application tidy and uniform. Eucalyptus oil is also in the box. Apply it to your skin and then press any stencil on top of it. The oil transfers the stencil onto your chosen skin area and then all you do is go over the lines with the henna. The henna is dry and set in six hours. You then remove the excess henna and admire your handiwork over the next 1-3 weeks. Henna will not stay on your face or chest, and while it has good staying power on your arms or legs, your hands and feet really hold the henna designs the longest.

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