Himalayan Yaky Stick 6"

Himalayan Yaky Stick 6"
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Bully stick or Himalayan Dog Chew?  We say: Why choose when you can have both?  A flattened strip of Himalayan Dog Chew wrapped around a bully stick makes this one irresistible chew for your pup.  The bully stick is a great natural source of protein that makes a healthier chew than standard chews.  Add a tough, crunchy Himalayan Dog Chew and you get the extra benefits of natural enzymes that help fight plaque and tarter.  This combination also gives your dog a longer lasting chew than either one alone.


All natural beef pizzle and yak & cow milk,salt and lime juice.

  • Two treats in one!
  • Designed to make a longer lasting chew
  • Natural enzymes help reduce plaque and tarter
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