Abeego Food Storage 3 Flat Wraps Lavender Dryer Bags Set of 3
Abeego Food Storage 3 Flat WrapsLavender Dryer Bags Set of 3

Plastic-Free Food Wrap - 3 Flats Eureka! The perfect reusable alternative to that nasty toxic plastic food wrap! This ingenious entirely natural and non-toxic food wrap is made of a blend of hemp and certified organic cotton canvas impregnated...

Bring home the scent of lavender with these organic lavender dryer bags. Toss a dryer bag in with your laundry to bring a relaxing and soothing scent into your home. Each bag will last up to 10 cycles in the dryer, and then the lavender will make...



Retired Wine Barrel Stave Basket Retired Wine Stave Bowl - Large
Retired Wine Barrel Stave BasketRetired Wine Stave Bowl - Large
Perfect addition to your farm table. Completely handcrafted from spent wine barrels, the inside of the basket is stained from holding some of the finest wines. The exterior is finished to compliment your home. This piece also makes a great...

Lovely dough bowls hand crafted from oak wine barrel staves, perfect for breads, accent piece or tabletop. The inside is stained from holding some of the most fine wines from the valley. Made from retired wine barrels, therefore each is unique...



Retired Wine Stave Bowl - Petite Retired Wine Stave Serving Tray
Retired Wine Stave Bowl - PetiteRetired Wine Stave Serving Tray
Petite Bread Board/Bowl style. Handcrafted from vintage French wine barrel staves. These pieces are perfect for your retired wine barrel serving piece collection. Each piece is sanded by hand to bring out the natural beauty. The bottom is stained...

Each one is completes with it's own forged black metal stand. This item can also be used as a centerpiece on a lovely farm table, placed in between double sinks to display soaps and guest towels. perfect for all of your breads, crackers and...



Retired Wine Stave Square Tray w/ Handles Retired Wine Stave Wine Rack
Retired Wine Stave Square Tray w/ HandlesRetired Wine Stave Wine Rack
Simply Square is not enough..... This tray is what so many have been asking for. Handcrafted from Spent Wine Barrel pieces. The exterior edge is from the staves "sides of the barrels", with banded corners. Wood Handles. This piece comes in a dark...Perfect way to display those 5 favorite bottles of wine or maybe you are limited on space. This rack fits nicely on your counter top. Completely constructed from retired wine barrels. This single piece unit gives the illusion of "rocking in mid...



Stone Garlic Keeper Bamboo Serving Bowl
Stone Garlic KeeperBamboo Serving Bowl

Keep your garlic fresh in this hand-carved gorara stone container. Natural stone colors may vary.

Fair trade made in India

4in. h x 3in. dia

Bamboo serving platter is perfect for fruits, vegetables, bread and many other dishes. Accent your kitchen or dining room with this handmade dish as a decorative piece. Handles on both sides of the serving plate make it easy to move. Clean with...



Breeze Cheese Slicer Built Sandwich & Snack Bags - Owl
Breeze Cheese SlicerBuilt Sandwich & Snack Bags - Owl
Handcrafted in Kentucky from unstained wild cherry, sugar maple, or black walnut. Cutting wire is stainless steel with solid brass fittings. Clear mineral oil finish. Replacement wires are available. Hand wash only and apply mineral oil...BUILT NY Big Buddies sandwich and snack bag packs are a super cute and durable option for reducing your lunch waste. A zip-lock closure secures food inside and the heat sealed edges keeps it fresh. Easy to wipe clean and dishwasher safe. BPA,...



Dryer Balls Pack of 3 Lunchbots Duo Orange
Dryer Balls Pack of 3Lunchbots Duo Orange
Starter Packs of 3 are a perfect amount for those that are new to using dryer balls. Ideal for small to medium loads in apartment or regular-size dryers. Packaged in a fun, dryer-shaped box. Dryer balls are absolutely ideal for any and all...The LunchBots Duo Orange is a great container for smaller meals, snacks, and side dishes. The Duo has a handy divider for packing your favorite combinations: crackers and cheese, apple wedges and cheddar cheese, cranberries and pecans. Both the...



Lunchbots Duo Pink Lunchbots Quad Green
Lunchbots Duo PinkLunchbots Quad Green

The LunchBots Duo Pink is a great container for smaller meals, snacks, and side dishes. The Duo has a handy divider for packing your favorite combinations: crackers and cheese, apple wedges and cheddar cheese, cranberries and pecans. Both the lid...

The four little compartments are convenient for a multitude of different food combinations. The possibilities are truly endless for a balanced meal filled with variety...cherries, carrots, rice crackers, cheddar cheese or orange wedges, cucumber...



Lunchbots Trio Blue Lunchbots Trio Red
Lunchbots Trio BlueLunchbots Trio Red
Does anyone really want their orange slices mixed with their cheese cubes and multigrain crackers!? Do away with plastic wrap using a lunch box that is perfectly suited for particular eaters who appreciate having their snacks properly divided....

The 3 section L unchBots Trio Stainless Steel Food Containers feature three compartments for balanced snacks: grapes, cheese and crackers; sushi, edamame and carrots; pasta, chicken and cherry tomatoes—the combinations are endless! Whatever...



Lunchbots Uno Blue One-Handed Salad Tongs
Lunchbots Uno BlueOne-Handed Salad Tongs
LunchBots Uno Stainless Steel Food Containers are great for packing a sandwich, sushi, burrito—or your other favorite meals to go. Their retro look makes food fun and appetizing, encouraging even finicky eaters to finish lunch. •...Use just one hand while serving salad with these beautiful one-handed wooden salad tongs. The wood is protected with clear mineral oil. Each pair of tongs is hand steamed and bent into shape until cool to create the distinctive springs. The...



Ripple Cheese Slicer Skoy Cloths - Pack of 4
Ripple Cheese SlicerSkoy Cloths - Pack of 4

Handcrafted in Kentucky from unstained wild cherry, sugar maple, or black walnut. Finished in mineral oil the wood is fitted with solid brass. The spiral cutting wire is made from a stainless steel guitar string. Hand wash only and apply mineral...

The Skoy cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth.



Skoy Scrubs Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray
Skoy Scrubs Pack of 2Stainless Steel Ice Cube Tray

The Skoy Scrub is a new concept in kitchen scouring pads. This reusable scrub made in Europe from cotton and non-toxic hardener outlasts traditional scrubbers and in turn saves money and controls waste. The Skoy Scrub comes in a variety of colors...

 Stainless Steel Ice Cube Trays have arrived! Made from 18/8 stainless steel, this two part system goes back to the trays of 1950's.



Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Stainless Steel Ice Pack
Stainless Steel Ice CubesStainless Steel Ice Pack
Made from 18/8 stainless steel, and distilled water- these steel ice cubes will chill your drinks without dilluting them. Depending on your freezer, they are ready to use in 2-4 hours. Great for all types of beverages, from milk in lunch boxes,...They have designed and manufactured the very first stainless steel ice pack. 100% non toxic! The body is made of 18/8 stainless steel, and it is filled with distilled water. So it is safe to go right into your contiainer, next to your food. It...



Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold Stainless Steel Straws - Set #2
Stainless Steel Popsicle MoldStainless Steel Straws - Set #2
These popsicle molds are so chic and BPA-free! These babies will turn your favorite liquid concoction into a frosty treat in 3 or 4 hours. These may be old school, but with two important upgrades to make the perfect non-toxic pops: a silicone...

Stainless Steel Straw, 24 cm/9.45 inches long, 5 mm/0.20 inches in diameter. Made from polished 18/8 stainless steel, they are reusable and dishwasher safe. Sold as a set of four plus a straw brush to clean them. 



Stainless Steel Wine Glass Stemless Stainless Wine Glass
Stainless Steel Wine GlassStemless Stainless Wine Glass
Serve your wine in style with stainless steel glasses. The glasses are beautiful for serving red or white wine and keep white wine chilled longer than glass or crystal. Constructed from 18/10 stainless steel, these glasses have lustrous, brushed...

Keep your favorite wine perfectly chilled even longer with these stemless wine glasses. Fabricated from stainless steel, they keep wine chilled longer than glass or crystal would. These durable glasses have a modern stemless design that will...



Two Layer Stainless Sandwich Box Wooden Salt Bowl
Two Layer Stainless Sandwich BoxWooden Salt Bowl

 The big sandwich box! This two layer lunchbox fits an adult size sandwich, and it still has the convienient second layer for salads, pickles, fruit, etc. It measures 17.5 x 13 x 6.2 cm. Made from 18/0 food grade stainless steel. 

Hand-carved in the Philippines from sustainably harvested acacia wood and treated with certified food safe finish. Measures 3" diameter x 1.75" high. Soapstone spoon is hand carved in Kenya from naturally colored stone and measures approximately 3 inches. Recommended hand-wash only.



Abeego Snack Food Storage Abeego Wrap Food Storage
Abeego Snack Food StorageAbeego Wrap Food Storage
Abeego Snack is based on a cleaver design that is perfect for vegetables, nuts, fruit, granola and more. The fluid and air resistant beeswax coating keeps food fresh and delicious. This sustainable package holds approximately a ¾ cup snack...Abeego Wraps are designed for you to take your food everywhere! Package sandwiches, wraps, vegetables and more. Place your lunch in the center of Abeego, bring the right and left sides together and roll down. Flip the bottom, then the top and...



BYO Produce Bags Set of 3 Collapsible Lunch Box- Large
BYO Produce Bags Set of 3Collapsible Lunch Box- Large

Never peel off another plastic bag in the produce aisle again.

The Collapsible Lunch Box is ideal for taking a lunch on the go! Great for kids at school or for you at work or on a picnic. This unique lunch box collapses making it easy to store, with two compartments and a three in one utensil that attaches...



Collapsible Lunch Box- Small Gardening Apron
Collapsible Lunch Box- SmallGardening Apron

Our Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box is the perfect container for just about anybody - from kids to adults. The reusable "spork" utensil snaps right into the airtight lid so you don't have to throw away plastic knives and forks. An added plus is...

Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. Apron is approx 24" x 28"



I Can Apron Recycled Wool Dryer Balls
I Can ApronRecycled Wool Dryer Balls
Celebrate the resurgence of home canning and kitchen cooking with an I Eat Local Because I Can apron made in the USA. It's perfect for the new generation of old-fashioned cooks and canners. It has an adjustable neck strap and 3 front pockets. Apron is approx 24" x 28"Recycled Wool Dryer Balls are designed to reduce drying time, soften fabrics, cut down static, decrease lint, and reduce wrinkles.