Roll-On Perfume - Lilura

Roll-On Perfume - Lilura
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The gorgeous Lilura Eau de Parfum contains notes of Jasmine Sambac, Sandalwood, andDavana 100% Pure Essential Oils, and the added vibration of Forget-Me-Not.

rareESSENCE Eau de Parfums are infused into an exclusive blend of Artisan Organic & Biodynamic Perfumers Spirits. Our lovely combination has both Biodynamic Grape and Organic Sugar Cane spirits that are micro-distilled in the U.S.A. These craft alcohols contain a plant bio-mass that may be reused for farming and organic gardening.Our rareESSENCE roll-on perfume oil is cured with 100% Organic Jojoba Oil.

Use our roll-on perfume oil on the wrists, insides of ankles, or any place that you have natural warm pulse points. Spray liberally on your heart, soul and body. 10ml bottle. 

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