Rummy Designer Bag- Blue

Rummy Designer Bag- Blue
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A fusion of rich color and fabric Art. A functional cross body bag lined with hand made batik printed, vegetable dyed Fabric. Rummy designer has lots of compartments to organize all your "Must haves". The Magnetic Flap provides the additional security and peace of mind. *** Please note that the design pattern of the cotton fabric may be different from the image above. Due to the handmade/vegetable printed nature of the cotton fabric each design is made in limited quantities. But rest assured that we only use well matched design patterns *** Material: Dobby weave Jute and hand printed cotton.

Size: 10" height x 9.5" width at bottom. Pockets: Zipped enclosure, Zipped outside back pocket, Zipped inside pocket, two open pouches. Handle length adjustable.

Jute is a 100% bio-degradable plant fiber. It is very strong, durable and is a great eco-friendly alternative for a variety of life-style products. Jute plant grows abundantly in parts of Asia including India, Bangladesh. Handmade and fair trade made in India.

Handmade and fair trade from India.

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