Seed Kit- Dino Garden

Seed Kit- Dino Garden
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What fun to plant a garden of plants that were around when the dinosaurs were here! For example the Gingko Tree sometimes called The Fossil Tree is in here, along with conifers and even a poppy plant. Yes the little poppy was around during the last years of the dinosaur. So enjoy your dinosaur garden and remember that small seeds are part of history-they actually fed the some of the largest creatures ever to roam this earth... What's In The Box? 6 individual seed packs with 5-6 seeds- one for your box extra for the garden. Coir discs to use for soil; 12 wooden name tags and of course alot of love! Includes: Gingko, Norway Spruce, Japanese Black Pine, Colorado Spruce, Paulownia and Poppy.
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