Seedballz - Cucumbers

Seedballz - Cucumbers
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  • Plant fun with Seedballz! Inspired by soil scientist Masanobu Fukuoka, author of “The One –Straw Revolution”, SeedBallz began mixing a special blend of rich organic humus, a whole packet of seeds and clay to offer the gardener a new way to grow wildflowers and herbs. 
  • SeedBallz are so unique, they grow in clusters rather than single seeds! 
  • These little balls are made of an all-natural mixture of seeds, red clay, and soil humus.
  • The clay protects the seeds from drying out and being taken by birds or insects. 
  • This pack of Seedballz is packed with cucumber seeds and rolled in an all-natural, protective growing blend designed to nourish your flowers. 
  • Adults with developmental disabilities prepare and package each ball by hand, right here in the USA. 
  • Each package contains 8 SeedBallz.
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