Sipping Hole Tie Face Mask

Sipping Hole Tie Face Mask
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Perfect for maintaining coverage while enjoying your favorite beverage.  Made from a double layer of 100% polyester fabric with a fully adjustable tie back closure that is easy to use and comfortable to wear.  The mask features a sewn in button hole that allows for easy access for a straw.  When not in use, the button hole is covered by a sewn on flap that normal sneezing or coughing will not lift. The fabric is moisture wicking, which will help keep your face cool and dry. Our mask also features a lightweight bendable nose wire that is sewn into its own pocket. This wire is easily bendable and allows for the perfect fit across the bridge of your nose. This mask is for personal use only and is not a medical device, nor is it proven to eliminate the risk of airborne infection. Due to the hygienic nature of this product, no returns are allowed.

Made in Wisconsin. 

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