Skin Care

LuSa Organics Cheek & Chin Balm LuSa Organics Happy Dance Oil Blend
LuSa Organics Cheek & Chin BalmLuSa Organics Happy Dance Oil Blend
Healing touch. Gentle and effective, Cheek & Chin is tops for sore, runny noses, wind-kissed cheeks, and drooly chins. Try it too for chafing, heat rash, diaper rash, and road rash. Don't forget the kiss! Ingredients: *Olive oil, *jojoba oil,...For cranky days. Apply to pulse points (throat, behind ears). Suitable for babies (and bigger people) six months and up. For babies under six months, apply to caregiver's chest or baby's clothing. Ingredients: * Jojoba oil, essential oils of...



LuSa Organics Organic Cotton Wipe LuSa Organics Booty Balm
LuSa Organics Organic Cotton WipeLuSa Organics Booty Balm
Two layers of soft, natural hemp and certified organic cotton make for the perfect baby wipe. A loopy (terry) side for big messes and a silky smooth woven side for final clean-up make these the ideal wipe or washcloth. Made in Wisconsin by a...

Soothe sore skin. Unquestionably our favorite product of all time, Booty Balm is in action in our home on most days. Diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, drool rash, windburn, sunburn — try it on any sore or rashy skin. 1.75oz



LuSa Organics Sleeping Potion LuSa Organics Belly Balm
LuSa Organics Sleeping PotionLuSa Organics Belly Balm

Sweetest dreams.Desperate for sleep, I created Sleeping Potion for my son in 2002. Since then it has earned a devoted following. One customer pulled up curbside at the Farmers' Market after applying our Sleeping Potion tester to his daughter a...

Smooth Belly Balm onto breasts, belly, thighs, and hips. Use as needed to moisturize and tame the itch. Celebrate and honor your amazing, transforming body. Comes in recyclable, US-made steel packaging. Ingredients: *Olive oil, shea butter (fair...



LuSa Organics Chest Rub LuSa Organics Da Balm
LuSa Organics Chest RubLuSa Organics Da Balm

Breathe deep. Every time I was sick as a child, my mom would bring out the chest rub and rub some on my chest before I went to sleep. Our version of this classic cold remedy improves on the old school petroleum versions by employing all natural...

From insect bites to eczema to garden rash, find comfort here. Gentle, safe, and effective rash care for the whole family. Now in recyclable, US-made steel packaging. Ingredients: *Olive oil, *evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, local beeswax,...