Sweets Kendama aTack - Solid

Sweets Kendama aTack - Solid
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Kendama is a Japanese ball and cup game that challenges players to master increasingly difficult tricks in their quest for Kendama fame while building eye/hand coordination and reflexes. Kendama is the craze that's sweeping the nation. Like most truly great toys, its simplicity itself. Swing and catch the ball onto the larger cup. Can you catch it on the smaller cup? How about the base of the handle? Can you flip the ball from the larger cup to the smaller cup? The challenges are endless. 

Double Kenflip, Spacewalk, Lunar Landing, Sara Grip Juggling, Taps, or Orbits: whatever your favorite Kendama trick, a Sweets Kendama is the Dama you want to perform it with. This first American-made Kendama is made in Minnesota by true Kendama enthusiasts who make sure that every one of their durable, infinitely playable Kendamas meet their strict quality standards before it is allowed out of the door. And, when you are not performing rad tricks, this cool looking, wooden Sweets Kendama simply looks great. Assorted Colors. Ages 8 & up.

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