Tea 2 Go 20oz Traveler

Tea 2 Go 20oz Traveler
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Even the pickiest tea connoisseurs will be won over by this unique and innovative glass tea tumbler. At the top, it features a contained, all-glass filter compartment for loose leaves or tea bags. The location of this filter allows you to easily control the brew and steeping time of your tea. For a weaker brew, flip the bottle over just a couple of times, but for a stronger tea, simply leave the bottle flipped over for as long as you'd like.

The all-glass construction of the bottle also means that the only material that will come in contact with your brew is glass, keeping the flavor fresh and uncontaminated. However, the tumbler also features temperature-resistant silicone grips to keep your hands protected from hot (or cold!) beverages inside. And, what's better, all components can be cleaned in any rack of the dishwasher. Taking your tea along with you is the perfect way to eliminate single-use paper and plastic cups, replacing these short-sighted materials with a practical, reusable glass thermos. Plus, the innovative filter compartment allows you to also cut out the waste of individually packaged tea bags in exchange for more sustainable loose leaf teas.

• Glass tea thermos with built-in filter

• Contained filter compartment allows you to brew with loose leaf or tea bags

• Easily control your steeping time and brew-intensity

• Use with both hot and cold beverages

• All-glass construction with a temperature-resistant silicone grip sleeve

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