Woven Palm Hat - Vagabond Women's

Woven Palm Hat - Vagabond Women's
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A beautiful hand-woven palm hat that unites the traditional art of weaving with contemporary hat designs. Tula Hats supports the culture of the Native Purepecha Indians of Mexico, who began producing palm hats nearly four centuries ago. They are committed to keeping this tradition and superior quality alive in Tula Hats.
Not only does this hat look great, but you get the health benefits of wearing a hat that has been given the highest sun protection rating of UPF 50+ by the California Polythechnic State University. For best protection, choose a hat with a 3" or larger brim. 

The Vagabond women's sun hat offers a 4" brim on front and 2" on back.  100% natural palm fiber is grown in the warm coastal areas of Mexico and, as a sustainable fiber, is environmentally friendly.
Size:  One Size - Women's

Typically fits: 
- Hat Size: 7
- Head Circumference: 22"

How to Size: With a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head. Place tape across your forehead and wrap around your head above your ears and eyebrows. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

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